About Us

GSocks - Make your style a brighter statement 


Based in London, our brand offers premium-quality sock with unique designs created by our amazing team.
We set out to design socks that aren’t just colourful but are a fashion statement. A part of your identity. Your personal touch. For the rebels, the risk takers and trend setters. For everyone that truly appreciates craftsmanship and quality.      


 Ana G is the founder of  GSocks, model that combined  her two biggest obsessions - fashion and socks.

GSocks was successfully funded and approved  by KICK STARTER .


We don't like compromises. Made with the best combed cotton we could find (and a tiny bit of elastane for that magical fit), GSocks™ are double threaded for everlasting durability and vivid colours that don't fade away. Don't blame us if your GSocks™ outlast your washing machine.



All we use is cotton ,a  sustainable choice. Cotton is a natural fiber which is renewable and biodegradable. It has become an inevitable part of one's living, which is why it is also called "fabric of our lives"
GSocks™ Special Edition Lines are 100% recyclable.